Dermatoglyphics, derived from ancient Greek words “derma” meaning skin and “glyph” meaning
carving, is the scientific study of the fingerprints. It is a proven scientific method to decode the brain’s
potential and talent through the physical formation of fingerprints, which has linkage to brain development. It
is not Palmistry and is not future telling.

Types of reports:

  • HR Report (Corporate Use) - Contact Us
  • Career Options Report (Students, Adult and Corporate) - Contact Us
  • DISC Profile Report (Children, Adult and Corporate) - Contact Us
  • MI Report (Children, Students, Personal and Corporate) - Contact Us
  • Life Time Report (Anyone after age 3)- Contact Us

All the analysis and report will be performed by the Certificated Dermatoglyphics Consultant & Analyst
using the most updated 21 patterns of fingerprint
The analysis process will be as follow:

1) 5 to 10 minutes for getting the finger print samples.
2) The analysis process will take around by 7 to 10 days
3) The Consulting and advice will be taken 1to2 hours long after the report is generated.
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